What Not to Do in a Gentlemen’s Club

Going out to a gentlemen’s club with your friends should always be an enjoyable experience. They provide you with an outlet to escape the stress of the past week, and the last thing you need is an unruly patron ruining your night. We’ve all seen these people before.

Whether they are at sporting events, or concerts, it always seems that there’s somebody in the crowd who is on a mission to ruin the fun for everybody else. Here are some common things that you should never do in a gentlemen’s club.


Don’t Be the Guy with Your Phone Out

First off, if you are out with friends, there shouldn’t be a reason to be on your phone. But you never want to be that guy that’s taking photos or videos of dancers while they perform. It is commonly understood universally that this rule is enforced in all strip clubs. However, some patrons seem not to care, and will rightfully be ejected.


Don’t Be the Guy that’s Too Drunk

 Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with having some drink with your friends during your night out. But if it leads you to a gentlemen’s club, you want to make sure you are aware of your possessions such as money, as well as your surroundings. A dancer will not want to interact with a drunk patron, so be sure to keep it together.


Don’t Be the Guy Using Vulgar Obscenities

Nobody likes the guy who is hurling gross obscenities all throughout the night. Guests go to strip clubs to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, and the last thing anybody needs to hear is a stale joke from someone in the back.


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