Getting All the Guys Together


With the holidays quickly approaching, this is the perfect time of the year to bring all your close buddies together to relive the glory days! Even if all of them don’t live in the area, most will be coming home to see friends and family throughout the next couple of weeks. Without a doubt, there’s nothing like catching up with old friends, having some laughs and being in an entertaining environment with all the guys! That being said, The Horse AC, an all-nude exotic club in Atlantic City, is the perfect place for some quality bonding! Here are six things to check off your list before hopping on the AC Expressway one of these upcoming weekends:

1. Round up the troops. Get ahold of all your buddies …Whether you have to call, text, instant message, email, knock on their door, send out smoke signals, what have you…Whatever you have to do to get all your boys together for just one night out, get it done! If not you, then who?

2. Get a VIP package. When you’re making plans for a big weekend with the guys, you either GO BIG or GO HOME! Everyone’s busy these days with work and so many other responsibilities and obligations, so make sure you go ALL OUT when all your boys finally meet up. With VIP, you’ll have your own space to kick it, catch up, and of course, receive some special attention …

3. Book a hotel room. Don’t listen to any of your buddies that might be telling you that they’ll just drive home at the end of the night. There are so many hotels in AC, so you won’t have any issues at all booking a room. Make sure everyone can let loose and blow off some steam knowing they have a place to sleep nearby at the end of the night.

4. Dress fresh. As the best exotic clubs in Atlantic City, you can count on being in the company of the some of the sexiest women around when you’re at The Horse AC, so make sure you throw on something fresh like a button down, nice jeans and dress shoes. Dress to impress; if you look good, you feel good!

5. Grab something to sip on. If you guys are in the mood for beer or a specific type of liquor, make sure you grab some alcohol before you get here; our gentleman’s club is BYOB. This way, you’ll save money on booze and have even more cash to spend on all the entertainment.

6. Get some singles. Hit the ground running once you get to The Horse AC by going to your bank and withdrawing some cash. You can ask the teller for all one-dollar bills, or simply use an ATM and ask a cashier if you can trade in your twenties for singles. However you make it happen, you’ll roll into to club seamlessly, already prepared for an epic night!

Check off these to-dos to have a killer, unforgettable weekend with the guys!

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