Dos & Don’ts to Remember

Strip clubs are a great time out for bachelor parties, company outings, birthday parties or just a regular “guys not out” with the boys. Although a trip to the strip club should be fun and enjoyable to all participants, to some, it could be nerve wracking and uncomfortable those who have not been to a strip club before. With this list of dos and don’ts at a strip club, we hope any first-time visitors at the Horse AC, one of the top New Jersey gentleman’s clubs, will have a more enjoyable time.


  • Clap after each performance. The dancers greatly appreciate the applause after each song and performance, even if you do not feel the urge to tip. All customers will receive a much better show from all dancers if you are appreciative and attentive.
  • If you invite a dancer over to your table for a drink, buy her one upon her arrival. Don’t “forget” to buy her drink or avoid paying for one once she arrives at your table.
  • Smile and be supportive. Listening to complete silence between songs is just awkward for everyone in attendance. It doesn’t take much effort to be a considerate person.
  • If, for some reason you need to leave earlier than expected, be mindful of leaving in between songs. Leaving during a dancer’s performance can negatively affect the dancer, even if you have a legitimate reason to leave.
  • If there are open seats towards the front of the stage, don’t sit back and leave open area. Sit in the front and enjoy the show in a respectful manner.

 Do not’s:

  • Do not blow on the dancers’ private parts. Not only is it rude and disrespectful, but it is also extremely degrading.
  • Do not yell gross and vulgar obscenities. The dancers and other patrons are there to enjoy themselves and not be annoyed by corny and stale jokes from the guy all the way in the back. Don’t be that guy.
  • Strip clubs are friendly to both men and women. It’s not that uncommon to see couples go to the strip club together. However, if your significant other is the jealous type, we strongly encourage you to stay at home.
  • Control your buzz. Dancers are not going to interact with a drunk mess that can’t keep themselves together.
  • DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OR VIDEOS OF THE DANCERS WHILE THEY ARE PERFORMING. This is a universal rule that is enforced at all strips clubs.


Anyone interested in scheduling a private party at the best gentlemen’s club in New Jersey are strongly encouraged to get in touch with The Horse AC immediately. For more information, head over to or give us a call at 609-246-6360.

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