Debunking a Few Stereotypes You May Have Heard about Gentlemen’s Cubs

Let’s be honest, we all have those couple of friends who are always down for an entertaining night out at a gentlemen’s club. The Horse AC can provide just that, as we are repeatedly referred to as one of the best bachelor party clubs in AC.

Doesn’t it seem though, in some friend circles, as soon as the idea of going to a strip club is tossed around certain people lack interest due to the stigma that surrounds gentlemen’s clubs? Well, we are here to help you debunk some of the common stereotypes people hold.

  • “Strip clubs just promote sex, drugs and crime.”

 Who hasn’t heard this phrase uttered off the lips of girlfriends, wives and countless other people? We’re not here to say that strippers don’t promote the idea of sensuality, but that is far different from engaging in sexual acts with patrons. Now as for promoting drugs and crime, this stereotype is just plain wrong. Strips clubs have strict rules for their employees about using drugs, just like any other place of business does. Between keeping up with liquor licenses, managing employees and countless other tasks, owners have zero tolerance for that type of behavior.

  • “People who go to strip clubs are sleazy.”

Strip club patrons come from all walks of life. Some are bachelors out for one last hurrah, travellers who enjoy having someone to talk to or a couple who enjoys an eventful night out.

  • “Strip clubs make neighborhoods worse.”

Unless the definition of making a neighborhood worse is with tax paying, job creating and revenue building, than yes, this statement would be true. It’s fair for parents to have some concern about their children near an adult entertainment venue. However, in very few cases can the exterior of these establishments truly have the ability to corrupt the youth.

While stereotypes are an unfortunate reality of the society we live in, with these few myths hopefully debunked for you, now’s the time to book your next  VIP party in Atlantic City at the Horse AC.

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