How You Can Throw the Best Bachelor Party


It’s the prime time of year when weddings are getting to be a weekly event on your calendar. Don’t you almost never want to check the mail, in hopes of dodging what seems the be the 100th wedding invitation? However, we all know weddings aren’t as bad when you are a part of them.


If one of your close friends asks you to be in their wedding, you at least know that you can have a little bit of say, and will get the invite to the bachelor party. Planning the best bachelor party takes more than just luck though; it requires a little bit of research. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our tips on how you can throw the ultimate bachelor party in AC.


Prepare Early


Any memorable party starts with early planning. One of the best things you can do is make a list of things needed and people who should be invited. Making sure the groom’s friends are invited is important. From childhood friends to college buddies, it’s important to have all bases covered.


Book a Hotel


Here at the Horse AC, we have a prime location to many of the great hotels in Atlantic City which is good news for any bachelor party. Booking the rooms will at least solidify that your group will have a place to lay at the end of the long night.


Hit The Beverage Store


From beers to liquor to chasers, make sure you come prepared for your bachelor party. You can’t go out on the town without pre-gaming and making sure that you have the cooler loaded beforehand saves you time.


Visit the Horse AC


No bachelor party is complete without a trip to the best gentlemen’s club in New Jersey. Let us provide the full-nude entertainment and perfect BYOB atmosphere for you and your bachelor party. There is always something to see at the Horse AC.  


On weekends, the Horse AC is the best place for bachelor parties to beat the heat and create a night they won’t soon forget. There is no place like Atlantic City in the summer and with our great location to all things AC, there is no reason for bachelor parties not to make our establishment on of the stops during this memorable night. For more information, you can call  609-246-6360 today.

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