6 Steps to Planning an Epic Bachelor Party for Your Boy


Alright, so you’ve been chosen as the best man in your boy’s wedding. What an honor, right? No doubt. But don’t forget that anybody with a high rank has a lot responsibility! This means that it’s your job to throw an epic bachelor party for the groom. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to show him how much you value a great friendship!

Give him the chance to let loose and enjoy his freedom with the boys one last time before he ties the knot. Sure, the responsibility can seem a bit overwhelming, but as long as you chip away at the planning process, everything will work out just fine. To help eliminate stress, here are six steps to planning a successful bachelor party:     

1. Make a list of everyone you think the groom would want to see. If you guys didn’t meet until college, make sure you consider his childhood and high school buddies, and vice versa. Make sure you also include any brothers, brothers-in-law and cousins. And try to think of anyone that he might not see often, but has had some awesome experiences with. Don’t ever be afraid to ask around to get more of an idea as to who to invite!

2. Choose a destination that’s going to be economical for everyone involved. Maybe a lot of the guys have high-paying jobs, aren’t married and don’t have kids. Well, in that case, you might want to fly out to Vegas for a few days. If you do that, though, everyone might not be able to make it because of financial reasons. So if you’re trying to spend less and have as many people show up as possible, why not do it in Atlantic City? You’ll have a great time hitting up the casinos and clubs like The Horse AC!  

3. Pick a date based on the groom’s availability. If the wedding is in the fall, you might want to plan the party towards the end of the summer. Or, if it’s in the winter, you might want to go somewhere warm. Either way, make sure you pick a date that still gives everyone, including yourself, enough time to plan and save up money.

4. Reach out to everyone using email, a Facebook group or group chat, and give them the heads up about when and where the bachelor party is going to be. Although they were your boys in high school or college, everyone is a lot busier nowadays; so make sure they mark off the days for the bachelor weekend on their congested calendars. Use your preferred platform to fill them in on all the important details!

5. Book the hotel rooms using one of the following websites: Expedia, Trivago, TripAdvisor, Hotels, Travelocity, Booking, Orbitz or Kayak. These sites will show you the best deals for specific dates! Not to mention, they’re all extremely competitive with each other, which means that you’ll be able to find the best possible rates.

You can also book a flight on any of these sites if you’re flying somewhere. If you’re feeling generous, you can reserve all the rooms that you’ll need on your credit card, and then collect the money from the guys when you get there. Or, to play it safe, ask a few volunteers to book a room on their cards, and then they can collect money from everyone else who stays with them.

6. Send out one last reminder if you guys haven’t really been in touch a few weeks leading up to the party. Let them know about any information that you didn’t mention while corresponding as a group. From directions, parking, and times for check-in and check-out to important details about the itinerary, make sure all of the guys know what’s going on. Maybe one of the guys had to bail, or now someone that played football with the groom in college wants to come. No matter what, keeping in touch with everyone as the bachelor weekend approaches will help to eliminate any confusion.

Follow these steps and you’ll throw an epic bachelor party for your boy! If Atlantic City is your destination, make sure your book a VIP room at The Horse AC—where you’ll find the hottest women around!

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