3 Reasons to Book a VIP Party with Your Work Crew

Every week, Monday through Friday, you and your work crew put in countless hours to help bring home a nice paycheck.  Depending on what field you work in, there can be some weeks where you feel as if you truly won’t be able to hang on until Friday!


When someone in your work crew has a rough meeting or his department was reprimanded for a mistake, that usually calls for drinks at the local watering hole, right? Of course.


Now while you may have a preferred establishment that you frequent after work, going to the same place over and over can get pretty routine.


If you’ve been brainstorming ideas for a new night out option for the crew, you can stop thinking because the answer is to book a VIP party at the Horse AC for an exotic yet classy weekend.

Check out these three reasons why you should give us a call to book a party that you and your work crew won’t soon forget.


  • Celebrating a Birthday


For you and your crew of friends, cake in the office break room is not the ideal version of a birthday celebration. Instead, you need to truly celebrate in style by enjoying the hottest all-nude dancers at the home of the best VIP parties in Atlantic City. With all the space you have as one of our VIP guests, you might as well bring another cake and some beers to celebrate a birthday the right way.


  • Promotion at Work


Maybe you just got a big raise, or your buddy is being promoted to a higher role in the company, that calls for a night or weekend out. Now that you have you even more money in your pocket, that means an evening at our BYOB strip club is a no-brainer.


  • Stressful Work Week


If the past couple weeks at work have piled up on you and you feel it’s time to take a break for a little bit, our comfortable environment, and BYOB option make it super easy to unwind and get your mind back on the better things in life.


There is always a reason to come to the Horse AC with your work crew. We have the hottest strippers for a bachelor party in AC the temperature is always steaming here all year long. Give us a call at 609-246-6360 to learn more about our affordable VIP party rates.

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